About us



  • Based in Athens Greece, Axion Cotton S.A. is a Greek manufacturer, which designs, develops and supplies   high quality workwear. The company also imports & trades products from major brands of  personal protective equipment (PPE),being one of the leading suppliers in Greece. Our served customers include local companies as well as multinational entities from the industrial as well as the shipping sectors.
  • Since its establishment in 1936 the company has been specializing in the textiles industry, running a vertically organized production unit in Syros island with spinning, weaving and dyeing installations.
  • From 1945 on, the company started producing its own work-wear product line with professional garments for the Greek army, navy, hospitals and the broader public sector.
  • In 1994, Axion Cotton Safety & Promo started with a team of experienced, skilled, service-minded and enthusiastic people that together with a newly staffed production unit under contemporary standards, thus increasing its capability of cutting and sewing professional and promotional garments.
  • In 2018, with the aim to satisfy the needs of the marine/shipping domain, the company established Ostraco General Ship Supplies and staffed it with highly experienced staff. With a broad professional momentum in shipping and many years of extensive experience in the area of general ship supplies Ostraco can fully serve any request.

We function based on professionalism, loyalty, punctuality on delivery deadlines and competitive pricing.



What we do

We examine, plan and suggest contemporary solutions for the workwear identity of your staff. We manufacture promotional and professional clothes, following prescribed requirements, covering thus any specialized need of the customer. We distribute and trade a wide range of promotional garments and gifts, Personal Protective Equipment and Single Use items. We satisfy every requirement of branding for your products (silk screening, stamping, embroidery).

What we offer

ΑΧΙΟΝ COTTON SAFETY & PROMO can satisfy all your business needs for:

Personal Protective Eqipment and professional garments

(boiler suits and salopettes, work trousers, coats,  jackets, robes, protective masks, protective gloves, safety shoes and a complete range of single use items.)

Promotional and business gifts

(usb, post it, lanyards, lighters, bags, diaries, pens, keyrings, mugs, clocks etc.)

Promotional garments

(t-shirts, polo, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, trousers, baseball caps etc.)

Please see below logos of some of the companies we work with..

Methodology & Know how

At Axion Cotton we have created an exceptionally efficient operations’ workflow, based on our long experience and the constant communication with our customers.

  • Every company that we serve has an experienced member of our staff as Account Manager, who is committed regarding the entire communication and management of the account. From individual orders to fulfilling company needs all year round, there is always a familiar face that will be looking after you.
  • We realize that every business is special and we are always ready to provide custom made solutions. Apart from basic professional clothes, we can also manufacture many accessories for various uses (professional, promotional, sponsorships etc.).
  • An essential aim of ours is to highlight your branding (logo, graphics, corporate identity), so that your corporate image can be presented in the best possible manner.
  • Our private facilities in Athens ensure control during all the phases of the production process as well as brief delivery times for your order.

Our know how extends beyond professional and promotional garments to the more demanding category of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The solutions that we offer always comply with the European standards (EN) and we are ready to suggest the most suitable product with the best quality/price ratio. We like to share that know how with our customers, through our direct communication with them as well as our Useful Guides at our website (such as for PPE), so that they can make informed decisions.