EN Standards for eye protection

European Standards for eyes and face protection

The decrease of the protective effect of the ozone layer increases the importance to be well protected of the sun. Indeed, the eyes (and our skin) are very sensitive to high energy rays which exist in
the ultraviolet (UV) spectre. even if the weather is cloud covered, the UV protection is essential because the clouds absorb visible light, but very little UV.
The eyes are even more exposed when we are in moutains or in environments where the UV are reflected by snow, water, sand, reverberation from clear walls, windows or mirrors (for example : water reflects 5 to 10% of UV rays; sand 20%; snow 85%). Furthermore, in moutains, the quantity of received UV raises by 10% every 1000 meters.
This is why all our safety glasses LUX OPTICAL filter 99,9% of UV rays.

Polarized lenses : Polarized filters provide a better comfort in zones of high reflection (buildings with mirror walls, water, light sand, snow,…) and a better perception of relief and contrasts.
UV400 : For an additional protection up to 400 nm against the blue light, which follows the ultraviolet (up to 380 nm) and is certified to protect 100% against UV rays.
IR : the infrared light follows the visible red light, but is invisible for human eyes and lead to a warming up of irradiated surfaces and bodies.
EN1836 lenses:  The lenses of sun shine glasses are made to protect the wearer against the dangerous action of sunlight.
The European standard EN1836 classifies the lenses in 5 categories which are distinguished according to the percentage of light absorbed by the lens.


Lens colours, EN Standards and recommended use:

Lens colour CE Scale  Number EN Standard % visible light
Cat. EN 1836 Features
IR5 5 EN169 1.18-3.16% N/A Suitable for the environments with low to medium levels of IR radiation i.e. metal ouring,
gas soldering, cutting and brazing. Light acetylene welding. Not appropriate for drivers
nor driving.
Clear 2-1.2 ΕΝ170 90% 0 General purpose that offers maximum visibility. Indoor lens, suitable for mechanical
work, or dusk, dawn and night time activities. An excellent safety lens for mechanical
Amber 2-1.2 EN 170 89% 0 Maximum enhancement of contrast in low light environments i.e. warehouse. Blocks out
87% blue light in high level of detail definition and color regognition. Provides brighter
view in early morning or late evening, and in cloudy, foggy, or hazy days. Recommended
for night shift workers, surface inspection, mechanical manual work
I/O mirror 5-1.7 EN172


53% 1 Colourless UV400 lenses with light gold coating for indoor and outdoor use. A 100% protection
against UV-A and UV-B rays. No deterioration of the colour perception. Usually
used by indoor and outdoor workers, i.e. fork lift truck or delivery men/women.
Brown 5-2.5 EN172 23% 2 Enhances perception between light and shadow, especially in forest environments. A low
light transmission color that heightens visual acuity and improves color perception and is
suitable for all light conditions.
Smoke 5-2.5 EN172 17% 3 Protects eyes against excessive light ang high levels of hazardous visible light and UV
radiation without distorting color perception. Ideal for outdoors, especially for bright days
and bright sunlight, but does not enchance target. General purpose safety lens
Green 3-3 EN170


16% 3 Green UV400 lents. Provides protection from excessive glare and from 100% harmful
ultraviolet (UV-A and UV-B) radiation. Alternative to standard smoke lens.
Fire Red 5-3.1 EN172 14% 3 Reduces sunglare and excessive sunlight. Dark lens without colour degradation. Usually
used for outdoor applications in strong full sun condition. The mirror reflects light reducing
the amount of light which passes through the lens.
Dark Smoke 5-4.1 EN172 6% 4 For exceptional strong sun luminosity and high glare condition, but not suitable for traffic
driving. Recommended for high mountain activities and against dazzle from clear surfaces
like snow, sand, buildings.
Polarized Dark Smoke 5-4.1 EN172 6% 4 Great for exceptional strong and direct sun luminosity and high glare condition, but not
suitable for traffic driving. Recommended for high mountain and outdoor activities.
Blocks out reflected waves of light (water, mirrors, snow…) and improve the contrasts.
100% UV protection.




EN Standards for eye protection

EN 166: Basic requirements

ΕΝ 169: Welding filters

ΕΝ 170: UV filters

ΕΝ 172: Sun glare filters for industrial use

ΕΝ 175: Welding equipment

ΕΝ 379: Welding filters with adjustable or double shading

ΕΝ 1731: Eye and face protection with mesh

EN 1836: Sun glare filters for sport and recreation